Russian Language and Linguistic Theory. 2013. № 1 (25)

E. V. Rakhilina, Vladimir A. Plungian
Temporal meanings of Russian prepositions: the limits of metaphorization
5 - 20
Olga Yu. Inkova
«As for the rest, madam the Marquise…»: about the semantics of v ostal’nom, v pročem and vpročem
21 - 40
Galina I. Kustova
Systemic relations and systemic meanings of experiential adjectives in physical and spatial contexts
41 - 69
Leonid L. Kasatkin
Akanye and jakanye in one old believers dialects and the historical issues of these vocalism systems
70 - 85
Dmitry M. Savinov
Aspects of investigation of Northwest Russian dialects (instrumental phonetic study of the vowel system in one idiolect)
86 - 110
Sofia K. Pozharitskaya, Nadezhda L. Samsonova
Remarks on the structure and semantics of adverbs in one dialectal system (v. Deulino, Ryazan’ region)
111 - 134
Valentin Yu. Gusev
Linguistic evidence for the history of Govorka (Taimyr Pidgin Russian)
135 - 157
Elena A. Nikishina
The genre of “letter to the newspaper” in the 1920s in the Soviet Union and in emigration (based on request letters)
158 - 182
Tatyana V. Shalaeva
On the designation of truth in the Russian language: подлинный and вся подноготная
183 - 193
Ekaterina A. Vlasova
The use and distribution of reporting verbs in Russian chronicles of the XI–XVI centuries
194 - 222
Svetlana M. Kusmaul
Normalization of the use of dublet letters according to the symbolic principles of orthographics in process of editing of the service books of the mid-17th century
223 - 243
Boris A. Uspenskij
Sumarokov’s nonsense language
244 - 253