Russian Language and Linguistic Theory. 2015. № 2 (30)

Maria L. Kalenchuk
On the positional approach to the description of articulatory phenomena
9 - 20
Olga E. Ivanova
Strategies for standardizing spelling of scholarly terminology
21 - 43
Ekaterina A. Lyutikova
Features, agreement, and structure of the Russian noun phrase
44 - 73
Maria A. Kholodilova
Agreement with the head of Russian relative constructions and detached attributive phrases
74 - 97
Alexander E. Anikin
To the problem of reliability of lexical data in Russian dialectal lexicography and etymology
98 - 117
Irina I. Makeeva
Accentuation in the old-print editions of the “Life of St. Nicholas” issued in Moscow and Kiev
118 - 154
Victoria V. Istraty
Russian editions of the B. Budny’s “Apophthegmata” and the formation of standard Russian language norms in the 18th century
155 - 179
Maria N. Sheveleva
Some considerations upon D. Sitchinava’s book «Typology of the Pluperfect. The Slavonic Pluperfect» (Moscow, 2013)
180 - 209
History of Russistics
History of Russistics
Olga A. Teush
A. S. Pankratov’s description of dialect lexics and regional toponymy (“Millions in earth. A Journey to the Ukhta river”. Moscow, 1914)
210 - 213
Nadezhda K. Onipenko
Highlights of the 46th Vinogradov Conference
214 - 216
Svetlana V. Dyachenko, Irina A. Bukrinskaya, I. I. Isayev, Olga E. Karmakova, Anna V. Malysheva, Alexandra V. Ter-Avanesova
Reports on Dialectological Expeditions of the Vinogradov Russian Language Institute of the RAS
217 - 250
E. V. Marinova
New Words and Meanings. A Dictionary of Neologisms Based on Media and Literary Texts of the 1990s (in 3 Volumes) / Ed. by T. N. Butseva, E. A. Levashova (Institute for Linguistic Studies of the RAS)
251 - 256
Anna S. Kuleva
S. M. Fedchenko. Dictionary of Russian consonances. Left and rich rhymes
256 - 259
New Books
New Books
P. S. Dronov
Russian Academy Dictionary of Idioms / Baranov A. N., Voznesenskaya M. M., Dobrovolsky D. O., Kiseleva K. L., Kozerenko A. D.
260 - 261
Anna A. Pichkhadze
Václav Konzal. Staroslověnská modlitba proti ďáblu: nejstarší doklad exorcismu ve velkomoravském písemnictví (= Práce Slovanského ústavu. Nová řada, svazek 40). Uspořádali a doplnili František Čajka a Martina Chromá
261 - 262

264 - 263

Notes for contributors
266 - 265