On the positional approach to the description of articulatory phenomena

2015. № 2 (30), 9-20

Maria L. Kalenchuk, Vinogradov Institute of Russian Language, RAS


A common feature of phonetic and orthoepic phenomena of the Russian language is that they can be analyzed through a positional approach. Instead of opposing phonetics and orthoepy to each other, a positional approach makes it possible to combine phonetics and orthoepy in a single description. Therefore all articulatory patterns should be divided not into phonetic and orthoepic, but into positional and non-positional. The result of systematic application of positional multifactorial approach to the phenomena of Russian pronunciation should be a description in which the realization of any phoneme depends on its position and is predicted in terms of probability, whereas lexicalizational nonpositional phenomena are set by the list.