Accentuation in the old-print editions of the “Life of St. Nicholas” issued in Moscow and Kiev

2015. № 2 (30), 118-154

Irina I. Makeeva, Vinogradov Institute of Russian Language, RAS


The first Kiev edition of the Life of St. Nicholas, issued in 1680, was based on the fourth Moscow edition of 1662. The text itself was emended only insignificantly but the accentuation was changed significantly. The accentuation microsystem of the edition of 1680 should be characterized as one of the western type. The article considers in detail the changes of accent in words of different parts of speech, and within them in different groups of words. Changes of accent are due to different factors: use of western accentuation variants, membership of words to different accent paradigms in the microsystems of the two editions, reflection of new accents or of processes specific to the East and the West of the East Slavic area.