Russian Language and Linguistic Theory. 2023. № 1 (45)

Niyaz I. Kireyev, Polina V. Padalka
On the origin and usage of odinarnyj, binarnyj and similar adjectives
9 - 31
Sergey V. Knyazev
Phrase finalizer in the Archangel’sk dialects: phonetic realization and phonological interpretation
32 - 65
Maria N. Sheveleva
Semantics of beginning of the verbs with the root -čа-/čьn- in the history of Russian and the problem of complex future tense grammaticalization
66 - 95
Tatiana V. Pentkovskaya
Piscator’s Bible translation of 1643 and a new project of the Church Slavonic Bible translation of the 17th century belongigng to the book coterie of Epiphanius Slavinetsky and Euthimius Chudovsky
96 - 110
Georgy A. Molkov, Milyausha G. Sharikhina
Grammatical features of the Trebnik by Nikon (1658) against the background of the previous Church Slavonic liturgical tradition of the 15th–17th centuries (on the material of some lities)
111 - 124
Dusmamat S. Kulmamatov
Eastern realia in the seventeenth-century Central Asian acts of the Ambassadorial order
125 - 143
Dmitry S. Krylov
Interpretation amendments to Novgorod birchbark letter no. 307
144 - 159
Мikhail N. Saenko
Proto-Slavic name for the spleen: problems of etymology
160 - 179
Ekaterina A. Zalivina
Third person verbal affixes in Opochka dialects
180 - 201
Natalia B. Pimenova
Derivational segmentability and motivation of Russian words in lexicographic representation
202 - 215
Materials of dialectological expeditions
Materials of dialectological expeditions
Roman V. Ronko, Anna S. Azanova, Arseniy D. Anisimov, Ekaterina E. Voitovich, Ekaterina A. Zalivina, Sofiya A. Zemlyanskaya, Igor A. Marchenko, Denis I. Mochulskiy
The dialect of the villages Shetnevo, Makeevo, Sh’elkino, Terekhovo and Stepan’kovo of the Zapadnodvinskij district, Tver oblast’. A grammar sketch and field notes
216 - 262