Russian Language and Linguistic Theory. 2021. № 2 (42)

Sergey S. Say
Biclausal causal constructions in Pushkin’s texts
11 - 40
Sergey V. Knyazev, Ksenia A. Savelyeva
Phonetics and phonology in phrase prosody (the case of intonational construction #4 in Russian: phrase accent or boundary tone?)
41 - 64
Viktor S. Xrakovskij
A semantic and contrastive analysis of the phrases kak možno lučše and kak nelʹzja lučše
65 - 82
Elizaveta Е. Babaieva
The semantics of opposites: The Right vs. Left opposition in lexicography
83 - 103
Alexandra A. Pletneva
Transcripts of byliny in 18-century manuscript miscellanies: linguistic criteria of the genre
104 - 124
Irina I. Makeeva
Orthography or grammar?
125 - 139
Georgy A. Molkov
Unusual forms of the comparative in a Russian translation from the beginning of the 18th century
140 - 151
Notes from a workbook
Notes from a workbook
Boris Yu. Norman
On the perception and interpretation of the meaning of utterance (factors determining the activity of the reader)
152 - 177
Alexei A. Gippius, Dmitri V. Sitchinava
Addenda et corrigenda for previously published birchbark letters [XIII]: a pre-publication
178 - 259
Dialectological materials
Dialectological materials
Svetlana M. Tolstaya
Materials for the Dictionary of Northern Russian lamentations. Composite lexical units
260 - 309
Nadezhda K. Onipenko
The 52nd Vinogradov Conference in the Moscow State University
310 - 314
New Books
New Books
Walker Riggs Thompson
S. Kempgen. Afanasij Nikitin: Reise über drei Meere (Xoženie za tri morja, 1468–1474)
315 - 316

Addresses of universities and institutes

Notes for contributors
318 - 319