Russian Language and Linguistic Theory. 2017. № 2 (34)

Maria L. Kalenchuk, Dmitry M. Savinov, Ekaterina S. Skachedubova
Active processes in the prosodic system of the Russian language: accentuation of adjectives
9 - 28
Gennadij M. Zeldowicz
Russian dative reflexive construction: inexpressible subject, backgrounding of the constituents of situation, and the problem of compositionality
29 - 62
Ilya B. Itkin
On an inconceivable infinitive and on the declination of some Russian nouns
63 - 69
Gota Sayama
The effect of corpus size on identifying the highest frequency words: an analysis of frequency data from five corpora
70 - 91
Svetlana I. Pereverzeva
Meaning and usage of the verb orientirovat’sja
92 - 120
Tatiana V. Krylova
On the meaning and use of the expression ne mudrstvovat’ lukavo ‘not subtly reasoning’ and words mudrstvovat’ and umstvovat’ in a diachronic perspective
121 - 141
Elena V. Uryson
Semantic actants of the Russian concessive conjunction khotja ‘though’ (lexicographic description vs. real texts)
142 - 152
Мariya V. Turilova
Russian dialectal lexemes of the semantic field of «MADNESS»
153 - 179
Georgy A. Molkov
Indeclinable participles in early Old Russian Gospel manuscripts
180 - 193
Maria N. Sheveleva
On the grammatical semantics of the periphrastic constructions like imatь byti vs. khočetь byti in early East Slavic texts
194 - 218
Dmitri V. Sitchinava
The letter to the Devil: a little-known instance of the Old Russian pluperfect
219 - 228
Valeria V. Kaverina
Standardizing the distribution of final Ъ and ь after the letters of hissing consonants and affricates in the Russian literary language of the 18th and 19th centuries
229 - 249
Literature survey
Literature survey
Sergey D. Shelov, Lyudmila V. Rychkova
On a new type of terminological dictionaries and reference books
250 - 273
Nadezhda K. Onipenko
Highlights of the 48th Vinogradov Conference
274 - 278
Nadezhda K. Onipenko
Expounding the ideas of V. V. Vinogradov (Highlights of the Conference dedicated to the 50th anniversary of G. A. Zolotova’s linguistic school)
278 - 284
Elena I. Derzhavina
L. L. Kryuchkova. G. S. Novikov-Daurskij’s lexicographic collection as a source for Russian historical lexicology
285 - 289

Adresses of universities and institutes

Notes for contributors
291 - 292