Russian Language and Linguistic Theory. 2013. № 2 (26)

Elena V. Paducheva
Is there grammatically expressed evidentiality in Russian?
9 - 29
Sergej G. Tatevosov
Critical remarks on the distributive aktionsart
30 - 51
Ilya B. Itkin
In search of a zero derivational suffix (Verbal nouns of the type zvon, shum, shelest in Modern Russian)
52 - 64
Maria V. Akhmetova
The problem of the russian suffix -chane revisited (survey of the dispute)
65 - 90
Irina V. Jakovleva
Russian pseudosynonymous verb-preposition constructions: a construction grammar approach
91 - 111
Yulia M. Kuvshinskaya
Predicate agreement with the quantifier phrase in Russian (according to the data of the National Russian Corpus for the period of 2000–2010)
112 - 150
Andrey A. Gorbov
On the evolution of the paradigm of the noun prodazha
151 - 165
Elena V. Beshenkova
Different approaches to codification and their impact on the writing system
166 - 180
Ekaterina R. Dobrushina
Codified norm vs. intuitive norm, or two centuries with ikhnij
181 - 204
Maria N. Sheveleva
Imperfective verbs with the suffix -yva-/-iva- in North Russian chronicles
205 - 240
Idalia V. Fedotova
Some cases of interference among derivatives of Proto-Slavic verbs *mesti, *męsti and *męti in the Russian language
241 - 248
Irina A. Kornilaeva
«Farewell, Bělgradъ…» (on the history of toponyms and their derivatives)
249 - 262
Sergej G. Vorkachev
The phenomenon of Russian bydlo according to corpus linguistic data
263 - 271
Maria K. Timofeeva
Classification of iconic signs in the Russian sign language
272 - 288
D. V. Vinogradov
International linguistic conference celebrating the 200th Anniversary of J. K. Grot: Highlights
289 - 293
I. A. Veshchikova
M. L. Kalenchuk, R. F. Kasatkina, L. L. Kasatkin. The Big Orthoepic Dictionary of the Russian Language. Literary pronounciation and accentuation of the beginning of the XXth century: Norm and Variation / Rec. by L. L. Kasatkin. Moscow, 2012
294 - 300
A. I. Grishchenko
B. M. Kloss. On the provenance of the name “Russia”. Moscow, 2012
300 - 312
Literature survey
Literature survey
Natalia M. Stoynova
J. Nørgård-Sørensen. Russian Nominal Semantics and Morphology. Bloomington, Indiana, 2011
313 - 314
Anna A. Pichkhadze
T. I. Afanasyeva. Old Slavonic Commentary on the Liturgy in the Russian manuscript tradition. Researches and texts. Moscow, 2012
315 - 316
Anna A. Pichkhadze
«Rationale Divinorum officiorum» Wilgelmi Durandi in a late XVth century Russian translation. Moscow; St.-Petersburg, 2012
316 - 317

Notes for contributors
318 - 319