Imperfective verbs with the suffix -yva-/-iva- in North Russian chronicles

2013. № 2 (26), 205-240

Maria N. Sheveleva, Lomonosov Moscow State University


The article deals with the history of the imperfective -yva-/-iva- verbs in Russian northwestern (Novgorodian) and northeastern chronicle traditions, which reflects the history of this specifically East Slavic pattern of imperfectivization in different dialect areas. While in the Kievan and southwestern chronicles and other manuscripts -yva-/-iva verbs were already known in the 11th century and quite productive in the 12th–13th centuries, in the Novgorodian chronicles they occure rarely until the end of the 14th century and were due to the Kievan literary tradition with its steady expressions. In the northeastern dialect area and its chronicles of the 12th-13th centuries the -yva-/-iva- verbs were more common than in Novgorod, but not so productive as in southern Rus’, and they were also often connected with the Kievan narrative tradition.