Predicate agreement with the quantifier phrase in Russian (according to the data of the National Russian Corpus for the period of 2000–2010)

2013. № 2 (26), 112-150

Yulia M. Kuvshinskaya, Higher School of Economics


This paper deals with the recent tendency in predicate agreement with the quantifier phrases containing numerals and the words procenty ‘per cent’, okolo ‘about’, svyshe ‘greater than’, bolee ‘more than’, bolshinstvo ‘most of’, etc. The analysis, based on the data of the Russian National Corpus for the period of 2000–2010, shows that the choice of number in the predicate depends primarily on the definite/indefinite meaning of the subject. The study specifies the range of significant influences on the choice of the verb form, as well as the nature of each influence in various contexts.