Russian Language and Linguistic Theory. 2020. № 2 (40)

Dmitry M. Savinov, Ekaterina S. Skachedubova, Alexandra E. Somova
Active processes in the prosodic system of the Russian language: Accentuation of past tense verbs
11 - 32
Alexandr N. Barulin
Morphologic amber constructions with morphemes {mezh} and {mezhd}
33 - 87
Polina A. Bychkova
Features of discourse formulae: A case study of Russian ty čto and čto ty
88 - 111
Vladimir Yu. Shatin
Phonetic features of Kostroma dialects in the first half of the 17th century and their further fate
112 - 127
Alina S. Alekseeva
Russian texts in Olonetsky sbornik from the 17th century: Phonetics and grammar
128 - 150
Maria N. Sheveleva
Once more on the Perfect and Aorist in Early East Slavic texts
151 - 184
Anna A. Pichkhadze
Perfect and Pluperfect in Old Russian: The position of sentential negation and the auxiliary verb
185 - 205
Konstantin V. Vershinin
Bookmen’s notes in Old Russian exegetical compilations
206 - 217
Zhanna Zh. Varbot
Towards the etymology of Proto-Slavic *kastь
218 - 221
Ilya B. Itkin
Once more on the inscription on the handle of the jug from Tmutarakan
222 - 226
Materials of dialectological expeditions
Materials of dialectological expeditions
Anna V. Malysheva, Alexandra V. Ter-Avanesova
Seliger-Torzhok dialect of the village Luzhnikovo and its surroundings
227 - 291
Svetlana V. Dyachenko
The dialect of the village Sknyatino in the Kalyazinsky district, Tver’ region
292 - 328

Addresses of universities and institutes

Notes for contributors
330 - 331