Specifity of nominal declination in the Russian dialects of the Ulyanovsk region

2020. № 1 (39), 198-209

Yanina V. Myznikova
Saint Petersburg State University
(St. Petersburg, Russia)


Nominal declension in the Russian dialects of the Ulyanovsk region has several interesting
features. The article describes specific features in the declension of nouns, pronouns, adjectives,
and numerals. In noun inflection, the dialectal forms of the genitive and instrumental
plural are especially stable. Significant dialectal features are present in the declension paradigms
of pronouns and some adjectives. In the system of pronouns, a specific type of declension
with the vowel e in the endings of plural forms should be noted. Such forms are also
typical for adjectives with the stem ending in velar consonants. Finally, the use of indeclinable
numerals higher than 10 in speech is worth mentioning.