Construction of the type voda piti (inf. + nom.) in the 15th–17th century Ryazan business writing

2019. № 2 (38), 79-101

Anna V. Popova, Lomonosov Moscow State University (Moscow, Russia),


The article deals with the problem of localization of the construction of the type voda piti (inf. + Nom.) in the South Russian territory. 15th—17th century Ryazan documents of business writing are analyzed with special attention to the frequency of use of the construction in question and to examples containing proper names and dialect words. Conditions for the use of the construction in business texts are also considered and attention is drawn to its possible use as a business cliché. On the basis of the analyzed material, it can be concluded that in the period under consideration the construction was in use at least in some part of the Ryazan territory.