An anonymous grammar of the 17th century and the correction of Russian liturgical books in the 1620s.

2016. № 1 (31), 227-248

Svetlana M. Kusmaul, Russian State Humanitarian University


This article investigates the authorship of an anonymous grammar written in the 1620s-30s (The State Historical Museum, Synodal Collection, N 734) in connection with the correction of liturgical books in the 1620s. Spelling innovations of the 1620s in the distribution of the letters о and w in the singular vs. dual/plural forms and of the letters i / и in the word forms iже (sg.) / иже (pl.) belong to Arseny Glukhoy. This is confirmed by the spelling in two Canons written by him in the Trinity-Sergius Monastery in 1616. These spelling features correspond to the spelling recommendations of the anonymous grammar. We put forward the hypothesis that the author of the anonymous grammar was Antony Krylov, on the grounds that the name Antony is encrypted in the poetic preface to the treatise. This corrector worked with Arseny Glukhoy in the Trinity-Sergius Monastery and in the Moscow Printing Court. Thus, the anonymous grammar fixes the spelling practice used by the editors of liturgical texts at the Moscow Printing Court.