Russian Language and Linguistic Theory. 2015. № 1 (29)

Elena V. Paducheva
Slavic type of aspectuality and aspectual meaning of deverbal nouns in Russian
9 - 27
Valentina Yu. Apresjan
The valency of stimulus in Russian psych-verbs: semantics-syntax interface
28 - 66
Nina R. Dobrushina
Pragmatic uses of Russian subjunctive
67 - 86
Natalia A. Zevakhina
Towards the classification of Russian illocutionary sentence types
87 - 116
Tatyana N. Korobeynikova
/o/ & /ω/ phonemic merger: reasons, process, result
117 - 150
Elena L. Berezovich
Поймать остродыма: a lexical riddle of Russian subdialects
151 - 170
Anna A. Pichkhadze
The D.Sg. -ovi/-evi desinence in the Old Russian o-declension type
171 - 190
Anna V. Sakharova
The forms of past tenses in the Old Russian translation of the Life of Saint Andrew the Fool and their equivalents in the original Greek text
191 - 214
Igor M. Ladyzhensky
The graphemes ОУ, Ѫ, Ю AND Ѭ in Il’ina Kniga
215 - 227
History of Russistics
History of Russistics
Vasily M. Kruglov
Towards the history of the academic “Dictionary of the Russian language” of the 1930s: description of archive documents from the Big Card Catalogue of the Institute for Linguistic Studies (Russian Academy of Sciences)
228 - 241
Maria V. Akhmetova
Highlights of the 14th Conference “Onomastics of Povolzhye”
242 - 247
V. B. Krysko, M. A. Fedorova
The first edition of the Dobrilo Gospel
248 - 270
P. V. Petrukhin
Maria Lazar. On money and good words: Evolution of Russian business correspondence as a kind of text
271 - 277
L. Pöppel
A. N. Baranov, D. O. Dobrovolsky. The basics of phraseology (a short course)
277 - 282
Zhanna Zh. Varbot
L. P. Mikhailova. Dictionary of extential lexical units in Russian dialects
283 - 286
E. A. Oglezneva
Complete dictionary of an individual’s regional idiolect, in 4 vol. / E. V. Ivantsova (ed.)
286 - 291
V. V. Shapoval
E. V. Gayeva. Visitors from the past: Dictionary of rare words, in 3 vol.
291 - 297
L. L. Shestakova
G. I. Shipulina. A frequency and semantic concordance of connective words in Sergei Yesenin’s poetry; A dictionary of Sergei Yesenin’s language
297 - 303
V. Z. Sannikov
O. E. Voronichev. The Russian pun: a study in semantics, poetics and stylistics
304 - 306
New Books
New Books
E. V. Marinova, О. Yu. Pashkina
Z. Nedomová. Tendence k analytismu v současné ruštině (na materiálu jmenných slovních druhů)
307 - 308
V. V. Shapoval
Contemporary Russian language in the Web. Ya. E. Akhapkina, E. V. Rakhilina (ed.)
308 - 311
Alexander E. Anikin
E. L. Berezovich. Russian lexics against the background of the Common Slavic. Semantic-motivational reconstruction
311 - 312
Alexandr M. Moldovan
Sofiyskiy sbornik: A 15th century anthology of Church Slavic literature of the pre-Mongol period
313 - 314
Anna A. Pichkhadze
A. V. Zimmerling. Slavic word order systems: A cross-linguistic typology
314 - 315

316 - 317

Notes for contributors
318 - 319