Etymological observations on vocabulary and place names of the Russian Northwest and North. II. (Hydronyms with the root lin-, terms nalym, nalye, naloj)

2014. № 1 (27), 252-264

Valery L. Vasil’ev, Yaroslav-the-Wise Novgorod State University


The article examines in detail the aspects of word-formation and the etymology of water- and place-names with the root element Lin- (Linnoje, Lino, Linec, Linevec, Linenok, Linenka, Lin’e, etc.) and dialectal hydrographic terms nalym, naloj, nal’e. These hydronyms and terms have a lot in common. All of these lexemes are formed from the verb root *liti (‘pour’), similar in semantic structure and predominantly used in the dialects of the Russian Northwest.