Zakon zakonom, a zhizn’ diktuet svoe: the function in discourse of the construction [X1–X1om, a/no]

2022. № 2 (44), 242-262

Paola Cotta Ramusino
Università degli Studi di Milano
(Milano, Italia)


The present article focuses on the role in discourse of the Russian construction [X1-X1om, a/no]. Taking as a starting point for the analysis the cohesive function of the construction, the paper sheds light on the ways in which this function is realized. Data from the Rutenten (Sketch Engine) are analyzed and classified according to the type of reference: by repetition of the same word, of a synonym or meronym, or by anaphoric encapsulation. The three types
correspond to the speakers’ different pragmatic needs by triggering implicatures in different ways, to understand which inferences the hearer is compelled to make. The most frequent function of the construction is related to politeness strategies; other important functions concern the evaluation and mitigation of the illocutionary force.