Phraseological units of the type na korotkoy noge, na shirkokuiy nogy in the Russian language of the 18th–21th centuries

2022. № 2 (44), 193-221

Evgenii A. Balashov
Vinogradov Russian Language Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences
(Moscow, Russia)


The article focuses on such Russian phraseological units as na korotkoy noge (lit. “on a short footing”, of close relationship), na shirkokuiy nogy (lit. “on a grand foot” – ‘on a grand scale’) and the like. These idioms first appear in the Russian language of the 18th century, and the common consensus considers them to be loan translations from the French expressions être sur un bon pied / sur quel pied. Subsequently they became widespread, which can be
proved by the corpus data, and the defining component of the word noga (‘footing’, ‘foot’) could be substituted by various adjectives, the number of which gradually decreased during the 20th century. Thus, the dynamics of changes allows us to assert that throughout the 19th century, these expressions acquired the features of stable idioms.