Observations from the history of relative constructions in Russian: syntactic construction with a repeated substantive after the pronoun kotoryi in texts of the Petrine period

2019. № 2 (38), 149-173

Vasily M. Kruglov, Institute for Linguistic Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences (Saint Petersburg, Russia), vmkruglov@yandex.ru


The article analyzes the development of the standard Russian language norms in the beginning of the 18th century. The study is based on four texts printed in civil script from 1709 to 1726 and focuses on the use of syntactic structures with a repeated substantive and the relative pronoun kotory in postpositive subordinate clauses. The analysis demonstrates that this bureaucratic cliché was much more common in texts following new language norms than in ones written in “simple” Church Slavonic. The use of repeated substantives was partly supported by translations from Latin where analogous syntactic structures were widely spread and had the same stylistic connotation.