Russian Language and Linguistic Theory. 2018. № 2 (36)

Yana A. Penkova
The Slavic future anterior and its Greek correspondences in translated medieval Church Slavonic monuments
9 - 35
Nadezhda A. Sedukova
Localizing the accentuated handwritten medical guide of 1686 (RSL, f. 310, no. 697)
36 - 67
Anna A. Pichkhadze
On the functions of Old Russian bookish and colloquial church terms
68 - 86
Irina I. Makeeva
Word order in noun phrases in the sermons of Kirill Turovsky
87 - 104
Alexandr M. Moldovan
On one archaism in Hilarion’s Confession of faith
105 - 110
Marina A. Bobrik
The inscription on „Alexiy’s cross” revisited: what is the meaning of obščee lěto?
111 - 122
Elena L. Berezovich, Kseniya V. Osipova
The fate of a name in the approach of Wörter und Sachen: “Solomon” in Russian dialects and vernacular
123 - 147
Niyaz I. Kireyev
On the history of the word golimyj
148 - 158
Anton V. Zimmerling
Do they deserve it? ― Are endoclitics necessary for the description of Russian?
159 - 179
Alexandr B. Letuchiy
Russian verbs with fixed order of complements and properties of complement clauses
180 - 198
Natalia A. Zevakhina
Subordination with exclamative interpretation in Russian
199 - 226
Elena V. Uryson
On the structure of the semantic level of a poem: Pushkin’s “Anchar”
227 - 256
Materials of dialectological expeditions
Materials of dialectological expeditions
Svetlana V. Dyachenko, Elena G. Zhidkova, Anna V. Malysheva, Roman V. Ronko, Alexandra V. Ter-Avanesova
Dialectological expedition to Opochka district, Pskov region
257 - 312
Irina A. Bukrinskaya, Olga E. Karmakova
Dialectological expedition to Gorokhovec district, Vladimir region
313 - 324
Nadezhda K. Onipenko
Highlights of the 49th Vinogradov Conference
325 - 330

Adresses of universities and institutes

Notes for contributors
332 - 333