Accentuation in the old-print editions of the “Life of St. Nicholas”

2016. № 1 (31), 249-280

Irina I. Makeeva, Vinogradov Institute of Russian Language, Russian Academy of Sciences


This article, continuing a study published in the previous issue of this journal, investigates the emendation of accentuation in the old-print Kiev editions of 1700 and 1738 of the Life of St. Nicholas of Myra. In the second edition the set of Miracles and the structure of texts was changed, and lexis and grammar underwent serious emendation. Changes in accentuation in general were insignificant. New variants are for the most part specific to the western zone. The third edition of 1738 includes texts from the Kiev book of 1700 and from the Moscow Life of St. Nicholas of Myra published in 1725. The editors borrowed occasional readings from the Moscow edition of 1725. Accentuation of texts from the edition of 1700 was edited in order to avoid divergence. As a result, their accent microsystem became one of the eastern type. Editors emended accentuation independently, only occasionally checking it in the Moscow editions.