The Accentuation Microsystem in a Russian 17th-century codex. Part II: Nouns

2011. № 2 (22), 139-185


The paper discusses the accentuation of nouns and adjectives attested in a 17th-century monastic miscellany codex consisting of texts of various genres. Of special interest in the manuscript is the assignment of two stresses to one word. In this way the vacillation between the South Slavic and Russian models is reflected. Along with standard accentuation, some nouns demonstrate deviations from accentual paradigms a, b, c. Similar deviations have also been observed in other Russian 17th-century texts. Accentual variations, both old and new, and different accentual models are common to derived nouns. Specific to the system of adjectival accentuation in the manuscript are: maintenance of old desinentialstress by some “definite” relative adjectives of the paradigm c, desinential stress found in the “long” forms of adjectives of the paradigm b, vacillation between stem and desinential stress in paradigm a.