Kiev editions in Moscow in the mid-17th century and the development of Moscow orthographic norm

2019. № 2 (38), 102-120

Natalia V. Nikolenkova, Lomonosov Moscow State University (Moscow, Russia),


The paper deals with an episode from the orthographic norm formation history in the late 1650s, when systematization of the spelling in accordance with the prescriptions of the 1648 Moscow Grammar was in full progress, while scribes not involved in the activities of the Printing Court were not completely able to apply the new principles. The focus is on a 1628 Kiev edition, which was rewritten and then reissued in print two years later in Moscow. The comparison demonstrates both the differences in the spelling rules of Moscow and Kiev scribes, and certain differences in the accuracy of compliance with the recommendations of the Moscow Grammar. We consider four positions in which these differences were most clea rly manifested in the two copies of the Kiev edition.