The сonstruction voda piti according to the 16th / 18th century Moscow monuments

2017. № 1 (33), 251-264

Anna V. Popova, Lomonosov Moscow State University; Moscow, Russia


The article deals with dialect distribution and semantics of the construction type voda piti in Late Middle Russian, according to the 16th / beginning of 18th century written sources of Moscow provenance. We studied various monuments, from the heterogeneous Nikon's Chronicle and "Domostroj" to the works of a native Muscovite, I. T. Pososhkov. The construction type voda piti is quite widely used in all these texts and prevails in most of them over the infinitive construction with the accusative, which suggests its presence in the living language of Moscow in the above mentioned period. Also discussed are semantic criteria for selecting the nominative or the accusative case for the object of the infinitive and the relevance of some of the parameters that have been proposed by researchers, such as referentiality / non-referentiality and animateness / inanimateness.