The root aorist in Old Russian monuments

2017. № 1 (33), 179-195

Georgy A. Molkov, Institute for Linguistic Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences; St. Petersburg, Russia


As a review of Old Russian manuscripts presented in the article shows in a wide range of sources forms of the root aorist were fairly well preserved by the East Slavic scribes who copied the texts. The largest number of such forms are found in the 11th and 12th-century manuscripts but in some texts they remain in the manuscripts until the 16th century. The degree of preservation of the root aorist varies significantly in the texts of different genres — from predominance over other types of aorist in some texts based on the Old Testament to isolated examples in hymnography. Information extracted from the Old Russian written monuments contributes to our knowledge about the derivation of the root aorist and to the list of stems with which it occurred.